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Radar Blog: Durometer

Hey everyone!

Whether you are an experienced skater or just beginning, you have probably heard wheels referred to by numbers, such as 88, 91, or 95.  This number is the hardness of the wheel.  It is an important piece of information for skaters to pay attention to when selecting a wheel because it gives a glimpse of what you can expect the wheel to feel like.  Before we get to that, let’s talk about what Durometer is, and how it is measured.


Durometer is the international standard for measuring the hardness of objects like rubber and plastic.  There are a few different measurement scales, called Shores.  There is the OO Shore, the A Shore, the D Shore, and some others as well.  Why so many?  Different Shores are needed to measure different stuff. A racquet ball, for example is very soft and is measured on a different Shore than a bowling ball, which is very hard.  I’m not even sure if they measure the hardness of those things, though so think of it this way: If you are trying to weigh a paperclip very precisely, you would use a different scale than if you were trying to weigh a car precisely.  The same is true for measuring the Hardness of something.  The Shores overlap.  Soft things have low numbers, harder things have higher numbers.  Check out this cool chart:

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