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Blog Post: Little Things that are Slowing Your Improvement

5 Little things that are slowing down your improvement


#1 – Talking negatively to yourself

We all have an internal dialog with ourselves. One of the most damaging little things a player can do to herself as she is trying to improve is to frame that dialog in negative. Always use positive talk instead. For example, telling yourself “stop dragging your toe” or “don’t drag your toe” is not as effective as reminding yourself “stay on your wheels” or “use your edges to stop”. This applies to every technique or skill you are trying to improve. Using positive talk will help your improvement, and your outlook!


#2 – Not Eating soon enough after practice

Eating a good meal 3-6 hours before practices is something most players are already doing; however, eating quickly after practice is just as important. After practice, your body is depleted of energy, and needs to be refueled. Eating a sensible snack or small meal immediately after practice is a little thing that will keep you energized and will also help you from binging later. If you don’t eat soon after practice, your body can feel like crap the entire next day.


#3 – Working with the same partner

Most training sessions involve partner drills, and skaters always seem to pair up with the same people. Mix it up! Working with a new partner can change the drill entirely. It forces you to adjust to a different style and tempo. Also, it can refresh your competitive spirit. Most importantly, it will force you to be a bit more engaged, which is ideal for improving.


#4 – Watching too many things in footage review

Everyone assumes that watching footage will help you improve, but if you aren’t focusing on specific things, it can be a waste of time. Watch for specific little things with concentration and intent. If you are a jammer, watch the jammers feet. Look for patterns. Ever wonder why some jammers get driven out of bounds easily and others seem impossible to dive out? The answers are there if you watch for them.


#5 – Trying to learn everything at once

I guess this could be a big thing, but it is so common! The essence of improvement is that it happens piece by piece. Occasionally, skaters will have Aha! moments where they seem to suddenly have a new skill. Most often, this is the result of extended amounts of time making little improvements that lead to a tipping point. Chip away at the skills you want to improve. Don’t try to do everything at once, and be kind to yourself along the way.



Joshua “Conan” Pfenning

Radar Wheels Brand Manager

Head Coach – Angel City Derby Girls

Assistant Coach – Team USA Women’s Roller Derby



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