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Video: Defensive Transitions with Laci Knight

Laci Knight of Knight Strong and Angel City Derby Girls demonstrates how to transition from backwards blocking to forwards blocking while holding the opponent jammer. The defensive hold and turn technique is essential for strong defensive gameplay. Her breakdown is easy to understand and very beneficial to anyone looking to improve defense.

In this video, Laci is skating in prototypes of the new Halo 95A.

Halo 95A Blue Angle 210 x 160

Halo 95A


Video: One Foot Plow Stop

Laci Knight breaks down the one foot plow stop. This is a foundational tool which is essential to the modern game.

Presto 59 95A 700 x 620

Presto 59 95A

Presto 59 97A 700 x 620

Presto 59 97A

Laci skates a combination of the Presto 59 95A and Presto 59 97A.

Video: Hockey Stop

Ghetto shows you how to properly execute a hockey stop.

Diamond Natural 700 x 620

Ghetto Skates the Radar Diamond